Brown Fused Alumina

It is a product manufactured by gradual melting reduction of calcined bauxite in an electric arc furnace at high temperature (approximately 2000 degrees Celsius). Its chemical composition consists mainly of Al2O3 (94,5-97%) and vestigal amounts of TiO2, SiO2, Fe2O3, CaO and MgO.

Brown Aluminium Oxide is characterised by good toughness, high mechanical resistance and hardness (9 in Mohs scale). The microhardness of the material reaches about 1900kG/mm2. Specific gravity (density) equals 3,90+/-0,05 g/cm3. Bulk density depending on size equals 1,52-1,87 g/cm3. It has relatively high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. As regards electricity it is an insulator.


  • production of a broad range of abrasive tools, e.g. grinding wheels, abrasive segments, etc. that are designed for processing durable articles, above all for steel processing,
  • production of abrasive papers and clothes,
  • in fireproof and ceramic industry,
  • in sand-blast processing.

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