White Fused Alumina

This synthetic product is fused in an arc furnace with high-quality aluminium oxide as raw material. Al2O3content equals as much as 99% and Na20, K20, CaO, SiO2, Fe2O3 are the admixtures.

In comparison with Brown Aluminium Oxide it has higher hardness (over 9 in Mohs scale) and microhardness (2100kG/mm2). It is also more homegeneous as far as chemical content, structure and physical properties are concerned. Microporosity of the material does not exceed 5%. Specific gravity (density) amounts to 3,95+/-0,5 g/cm3. Bulk density reaches 1,52-1,85 g/cm3.


  • production of high-grade abrasive tools,
  • production of high-aluminium fireproof articles,
  • production of noble and electrotechnical ceramics,
  • for precision casting.

Grit sizes are available at Grit sizes.